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This campaign was the perfect combination of content and traditional marketing. We knew which Common Core State Standards proved to be the most challenging to students based on data that came in from our product. This information would be very interesting to teachers, and could be used to lead them to trust, and ultimately purchase, our lessons that help teach these standards. I came up with a design concept that used a busy area of illustrations representing the multitude of standards students need to know, and negative space to show a clean area of clarity and calm for the headline. The call to action led the viewers to a small, 3 page microsite, that provided information on the data and allowed downloading of lessons once contact information was provided. We also advertised this information through banner ads, webinars, emails, and whitepapers. This campaign generated a huge amount of interest in the form of roughly 2400 reading webinar attendees, 3200 math webinar attendees, and upwards of 5000 lesson downloads.

It also won the 2015 GD USA American In-house Design Award. “The American Inhouse Design Awards is the original and the biggest showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers, recognizing designers for their talent, for the special challenges they face and, for the value they bring to their businesses and institutions.”