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Razergator had a unique software that catered to extremely large corporations (Bank of America was their primary client). Their software allowed the user to electronically manage their tickets to games, shows, events, and see in real-time where those tickets were going, which were left unused, and who in particular was using them.

As a recent start-up, they had little branding established but needed a website. I used their logo as inspiration for palette, style, and look and feel, and we delivered to them a fully-functioning, 18-page website.

After their website was completed, they asked for a demo that could be used to market to their audience and give tutorials to current customers. This demo was created in Flash—at this time the first iPhone had not yet been released and mobile-friendly demos were not a issue. Due to the dual purposes of the demo, it was extremely important that both marketing content and tutorial content was easily navigable. I used my skills in UX/UI to create a simple nav bar that housed both the table of contents of the demo as well as the controls. Users were able to flip back and forth from one section to the other with ease. Content for the tutorial section was recorded with Camtasia and integrated with the Flash file, and we hired a professional voice-over artist to record the script.